The GDPR Registry Web App provides a complete dashboard based on the django Jet framework (https://github.com/geex-arts/django-jet), with the following information:
  • Registry Status: it describes, both graphically (pie diagram) and textually suggestions, errors, issues related to your GDPR registry. Just follow the suggestions displayed in this widget to fill in the registry.
  • Quick Links: quick links to application home, change password and logout
  • Recent Actions: recent actions performed by users in the administrative interface
  • Applications: we have two main applications, namely
    • an access control application, that keeps track of all accesses in the admin interface
    • an audit application, that keeps track of all GDPR activities in the admin interface (different, linked tables)
  • Administration: by means of this section we can add new users, groups and assign them different privileges for the access of the (different functionalities in the) admin interface.
  • Support: this section provides links to the documentation of the Registry App, and Pluribus One products and services that can help you to achieve GDPR compliance.
You can customize your dashboard, moving or removing each element. For technical details, please check out the django jet documentation (https://jet.readthedocs.io/en/latest/).
First Step - Dashboard